Ashley Nelsen

Alisa was wonderful.  I went for a 30 min.  Swedish.  I was sore from tension, (I’m a stay at home mom and carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders), working out, and I also get frequent headaches.  She did a great job. Even massaged my jaw, face and scalp.  I’ll definitely be back.  ​

Rain Galloway

I am so glad that Tranquility Spa and Wellness has such a qualified staff.  I just met Alisa a couples of days ago when my jaw locked shut.  It was a scary experience, but a friend recommended her to me.  I have had external facial massages before, but nothing was relieving my pain this time.…

Jessica Robertson

I needed this so bad.  The therapists are professional and obviously experienced.  My muscles feel like jello! Loved it! ​

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